Firouzeh is one of the last remaining traditional herders of Mazandaran in the North of Iran. While living and foraging with her cows in a colorful mountainous landscape, Firouszeh’s life story unfolds.

She was married off to a much older man when she was very young. She had 11 children with him and together they formed a strong bond and raised them. Now, they live in the city and do not come to visit her.  Her husband died some time ago and Firouszeh, now alone, continues the heavy pastoral lifestyle that she loves. She takes the cows to the mountains to graze in the summer and back down into the valley to spend the winter.

Her cows are her family and she lives freely in a countryside alive with brilliant greens, yellows and gold. It’s hard work but she has adapted to it with such ability that at 82 she nimbly climbs trees and urges her cows down steep and treacherous slopes. Often friends or family try to persuade her to stop this way of life, but she can not. Her closeness with the cows and the mountains is what gives her life meaning. {vimeo}312563177{/vimeo}

IDFA 2019 Competition Mid-Length Documentary